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Onni Group Arizona Corporate Office

This dynamic space embodies a perfect blend of modern design and professional elegance, setting the stage for innovation and collaboration in the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona.
Phoenix, Arizona

Onni Group Arizona Corporate Office - Phoenix, Arizona

Project Details:

Interior Office Partitions
• Installed sleek interior office partitions featuring storefront frames.
• Utilized heavy clear glass to enhance transparency and create a modern workspace.

Aluminum Sliding Doors with Soft Closing Hardware
• Integrated aluminum sliding doors with soft closing hardware for smooth and quiet operation.
• Improved functionality and added a touch of sophistication to the office spaces.

Exterior Glass Replacement
• Executed exterior glass replacements for enhanced energy efficiency and aesthetic upgrade.
• Ensured the exterior maintained a cohesive and contemporary appearance.

Frameless Glass Swing Doors
• Installed frameless glass swing doors to introduce a seamless and stylish entry solution.
• Contributed to an open and inviting atmosphere within the office.

Modifications to Existing Exterior Storefront
• Modified the existing exterior storefront to accommodate a new door and fixed glass elements.
• Ensured a harmonious blend between the new additions and the building's original design.

Frameless 90-Degree Mitered Corner
• Implemented a frameless 90-degree mitered corner for a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.
• Created a seamless transition between glass panels, enhancing the overall design.

We created a modern, functional, and visually appealing office spaces through innovative glass solutions.

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