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611 North Brand Blvd

Discover a thriving hub of creativity and commerce at 611 North Brand Blvd, a premier address in Glendale, California. This dynamic location embodies a perfect fusion of innovation and accessibility, providing a vibrant backdrop for business and leisure. Immerse yourself in the energy of this prime destination, where every corner reflects the spirit of growth and possibility in the heart of Glendale.
Glendale, California

611 North Brand Blvd. - Glendale, California

Project Details:

Modified Storefront for Swing Doors
• Skillfully adapted existing framing to accommodate new storefront swing doors
• Ensured seamless integration of the modified storefront, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality

Custom Powder Coated Framing
• Installed new custom powder-coated framing to precisely match existing custom frames
• Achieved a cohesive and uniform appearance, blending the new elements seamlessly with the established design

Custom Glass and Aluminum Railing:
• Utilized computerized drafting software to design precise glass sizes and layout for the railing
• Installed top caps and rails to create a modern and secure glass and aluminum railing system, combining safety with contemporary aesthetics

Doors with Panic Hardware
• Measured, ordered, and installed gym mirrors to enhance the fitness space
• Meticulously crafted quarter-inch clear mirrors with polished edges and safety backing, ensuring a functional and visually appealing workout environment
• Carefully measured and incorporated cutouts for TVs, demonstrating attention to detail for a tailored and integrated finish

Our work at 611 North Brand Blvd. reflects our commitment to precision, aesthetics, and functionality.

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