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Forest Lawn Museum Hall of Crucifixion - Resurrection

Tucked within the picturesque hills of Glendale, the Forest Lawn Hall of Crucifixion-Resurrection offers a serene and majestic setting for reflection and inspiration. This iconic landmark features an awe-inspiring collection of religious art, including the renowned painting of the Crucifixion and the stunning Resurrection fresco. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the profound beauty and spiritual significance of the hall, making it a truly unique and enriching experience.
Glendale, California

Forest Lawn Museum Hall of Crucifixion - Resurrection

Project Details:

Window Replacement
Removal & Installation: Removed 18 existing steel frame windows & installed new powder-coated steel frame windows.
Glass Spandrels: Installed laminated insulated glass spandrels to protect historic artwork

Swing Stage Setup
Counterweight Swing Stage: Set up a counterweight swing stage from the roof, moving it weekly as the project progressed.
Safe and Effecient: Ensured safety and efficiency throughout the project.

Teams & Collaboration:

Ramos Industries Team
Project Managers: Jay Ramos & Mayra Ramos
Field Superintendent: Edgar Ramos
Glaziers: Omar, Abraham Espinoza, and Maximinio Espinoza

General Contractor: Advanced Contractors Inc.
• Project Managers:
Carl Scheel
Field Superintendent: Alex

Swing Stage: Skyclimbers, LLC
Steel Window Frames: Arcadia Inc.
Glass: Glasswerks LA
Boom Lift: United Rentals

This comprehensive project, completed over approximately three weeks, not only enhanced the aesthetics and durability of the windows but also ensured the protection of historic artwork at the Forest Lawn Museum Hall of Crucifixion - Ressurection in Glendale, California.

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